LINK to print the 24×18 yard sign      LINK to print the 24×18 yard sign

Choose either of these links to print the 24×18 yard sign using a color poster maker, use a can of spray adhesive or our adhesive-back laminate, to mount the print to a standard yard sign.

Place in student’s yards, offer to print them for a cost, or simply display around school and at the ceremony!


  1. Create a design 18″ x 24″ in any design
  2. 3 ways to Print:
    1. Print the design to adhesive backed polypropylene
    2. Print to regular polypropylene and apply your own adhesive.
    3. Print to paper and laminate with Xyron 2500, adhesive backed products LAT 405 or LAT 409
  3. Mount the print to the 18″ x 24″ yard sign blanks (coroplast)
  4. Trim the excess edges with scissors or knife
  5. Insert the metal H-Stand into the yard sign

~That’s it!~



PHOTO FRAME Bright Idea!

Click this LINK, print the 24×36 inch poster, & cut out the center of this ‘photo frame’ to create the opening for you graduates to stand behind for a memorable photo-op! Use as a simple printed poster to hold up or elevate it by mounting it to foam board or cardboard with spray adhesive for a sturdier frame!