Exhibitor Magazine – Bright White Paper Co. Introduces Foldable Exhibitor Display Board

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Bright White Paper Co. Introduces Foldable Exhibitor Display Board
Never again lug a big, awkward mounted or laminated sign to a meeting (or pay a lot to have it made for you at your destination). 

With Bright White Paper Co.’s new Foldable Exhibitor Display Board, signs as large as 24” x 36” can be compacted into a small carrying case, quickly opened up to full size, displayed flawlessly (without creases) and have the appearance of being mounted and backed.

“It’s not magic”, said Rick Kazdin, Bright White Paper Co.’s CEO. “The secret is the unique display board design which allows it to fold in half or thirds for easy transport. When needed, it quickly unfolds and is reinforced with two supports attached to the back with Velcro. Next, peel open the Easyboard® cover, slide the paper sign in and reseal it. The entire process takes less than a minute. The beauty is that you can your change displays on demand as often as you want with no mounting or laminating hassles.”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Print your sign (and store your sign in the mailing tube if traveling.)
  2. Unfold the board
  3. Attach the two supports on the back (they store neatly on the side of the board)
  4. Remove the Easyboard™ Velcro-lined cover from its mailing tube
  5. Adhere the cover to the board
  6. Remove your sign from the tube and slide it in
  7. Re-seal


Bright White Paper Co.’s new Foldable Exhibitor Display Board

In just a few seconds, you have an attractively-framed sign as sturdy as a sign you ordinarily would have paid to have backed and laminated.

Bright White Paper Co.’s latest innovation not only reduces the time it takes to display a new sign but also cuts down considerably on signage costs. There’s no need to have signs mounted or framed. The sturdy featherweight display board provides the equivalent of a mounted backing and folds compactly for transporting.

It’s clear, flexible plastic cover with black border eliminates the need for actual framing and also rolls neatly into a mailing tube for easy transporting.

The boards are available in two sizes:

  • The one which accommodates an 18” x 24” sign (and folds to 10 ¼” x 25 ¼”) sells for $43.95.
  • The board that accommodates a 24” x 36” sign (and folds to 13 3/4” x 26 ½”) costs $71.95.

Each board comes with one cover and two mailing tubes. The optional travel case can accommodate up to three boards and four tubes.

The Exhibitor Display Board can sit on an easel or attach to any surface with Velcro, screws or nails.

“Bright White Paper Co.’s goal is to sell products that help make doing business simpler and more economical,” said Kazdin. “There’s no doubt that our new Easyboard Foldable Exhibitor Display Board does just that.”

For more information, go to www.brightwhitepaper.com or call 800-321-5716.