Small Palm City Company Makes Big Impact with Patented Process and Unique Signage Products

Situated in an unobtrusive office in a Palm City industrial park is a little company with a low profile – but don’t let that fool you. The Bright White Paper Co., which doesn’t just sell bright white paper, does a surprising amount of business not only in the U.S. but around the world.


The company, co-owned by husband-and-wife team Rick and Sharon Kazdin, started the business in 1998 selling thermal paper rolls for use in wide format “heat sensitive” printers called poster printers.  At the time, thermal poster printer paper was available in only four colors.


Sensing that customers would respond favorably to more color choices, the Kazdins created a new process for colorizing thermal paper, were awarded two patents for it, and began producing poster paper in 30 colors in their Palm City manufacturing plant. Eventually they also added a unique line of colored paper rolls for wide format inkjet printers.


“We offer the largest selection of poster paper colors in the world,” said Rick. “Our biggest customers are educational institutions, but many businesses including major oil companies, the IRS, and even the Okeechobee County Health Department buy their poster paper from us.”


Easyboards® are another unique item manufactured by the Bright White Paper Co., which likes to emphasize products that are both “green” and offer “on demand” convenience for businesses.


Easyboards are a super-fast sign framing system that can be re-used hundreds of times. Because the boards provide a protective cover and stable backing, they eliminate the need for dry mounting or laminating.


Another green, on-demand product is Bright White Paper Co.’s line of Xyron “cold” laminating machines. Unlike conventional laminating machines, they use no electricity, require no warm-up and are instantly available for use. Bright White Paper Co. is Xyron’s largest education dealer in the United States.


Bright White Paper Co. has customers throughout the world including Israel, England, Norway and Finland. Domestic customers include emergency managers, government agencies, the military, attorneys, Realtors, hotels, restaurants, event planners, and fairs and festivals.


For more information about Bright White Paper Co., log onto www.brightwhitepaper.com.