Want to make posters faster & easier? Canva & EPSON makes it happen!

Step 1: Use Canva (or another program) to design your poster.

Step 2: Save your design as a pdf.

Step 3: Open EPSON Print Automate to drag & drop your pdf into the application.

Step 4: Print using any model of The Education Pro Color Poster Makers (original, Elite, Deluxe, etc.).


If you are an educator, you qualify for a FREE subscription with CANVA! If not, the monthly subscriptions are extremely affordable & the platform is incredibly user-friendly to navigate. Don’t have a subscription yet? Just select one of our free printables here under ‘Bright Ideas’ for a pdf to practice with!

Do you need Epson Print Automate? Simply download it for FREE from epson.com by searching your specific poster maker model. Scroll down to the bottom of your poster maker’s information (Ie; T3270 for The Original 24″) and click on ‘Epson Print Automate’.