Bright Ideas “Candy Award” System


Benefits of creating an “Award System” in classroom settings!

One of the most popular and effective award systems in early education, that educators have been implementing in their classrooms setting, is known as the “Candy Award System”.
Educators have found many ways to enlighten and motivate students to participate and get rewarded through these systems – it is shown that the “Candy Award system” – is one of the most effective systems for acknowledging and rewarding students for their efforts and accomplishments. Although reward systems may have some pros and cons, which will be listed here.

Advantage of a Reward System Disadvantage of a Reward System
1. Appropriate Behavior: Students conform to appropriate behaviors when rewarded either intrinsically or extrinsically. 1. Addiction: Students can become addicted to classroom rewards. This means that they will not study anymore without them.
2. Increased Motivation: Students will show interest and raise their participation in the everyday classroom task, responsibilities, and learning. 2. Devaluation: After a while rewards are no surprises anymore and they come as expected. They will lose their effect.
3. Joyful Student: Incentives for students motivate them to be more productive because they create a feeling of pride and achievement. 3. Race against the clock: Students focus more on finishing an assignment to win a classroom price, instead of learning what the lesson is meant to teach. Finishing it is more important than actually understanding it.
4. Boosted Self Esteem: Success stories help students become more self-confident. They are proud and also encouraged to achieve another successful result. 4. Control and Manipulate: Students might feel they are manipulated and controlled by you. This also teaches the student how to manipulate.
5. Complete Homework: The National Association of School Psychologists suggest that the reward system helps motivate students to complete their homework. “it’s rather shocking that without rewards students don’t complete it. 5. Increased Pressure: The more you praise students the greater the fall if they can’t live to that praise and to your expectations.
6. Improved results: Rewarding students encourage and endorses school effort. They lead to improved outcomes for student. 6. Bribes: The lines between bribes and rewards are very thin. Rewards can lead to the idea of controlling your students. You will feel more powerful and use rewards as bribes.

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Another factor to consider when creating these “Award” placements, is to be creative as possible. Here are some very interesting ways to get creative. Create your achievement or reward certificates by using the Canva certificate makerCanva has many certificate templates available to use – Educators will be able to sign up for free! You will be surprised at how much your students value a simple (but beautiful) piece of paper! 

We would also like to refer Educators to ClassDojo it is a free digital reward system in which every student gets evaluated on positive and negative behavior. Not only do the teachers have access to ClassDojo, but also the students and their parents can access the platform. Which is a good resource to use when measuring student’s behavior with an “Award system” in the classroom and see the results and students’ achievements through this software. 

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To stimulate learning and motivate good behavior, lots of teachers use the reward system for students. Now with CARES Act passed into law, all of our products fall under this Act through Title 1 Funding, now educators can do more for less. Contact us today and save the “Bright” way!