The Education Pro Color Poster Maker Machine by Epson!

How can Bright White Paper Company transform your school? In TONS of fun, colorful, creative ways with The Education Pro Color Poster Maker by EPSON! Let’s talk about the amazing benefits of our poster maker machine for schools and businesses!  Our poster maker can help you create a wide variety of full color, high quality, and beautiful:

Our current customers love the fact that with one poster maker for schools, they can quickly produce what they want when they want it. No more waiting to order a banner or poster or overpaying for someone else to create what you need. When information changes, you can quickly react and print on the spot! 

Compared to other poster maker machines on the market, our Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson is capable of printing on a much wider variety of materials

That means when your school wants a quick paper poster for a classroom, no problem! Need a vinyl banner to display outside? We have you covered! 

How else can our poster maker machine be used?

How about creating inviting backgrounds for your next Zoom call?

  • Customizing your bulletin boards.
  • Printing your school logo on adhesive-backed vinyl or polypropylene. 
  • Help promote social-emotional visual supports by creating a happy, inclusive, school environment.

Once you own our poster maker machine, the only limitation is imagination! Go for it! Get creative and have fun! We could all use more things to smile about! 

Why is NOW the best time of all to purchase The Education Pro Color Poster Maker by Epson?

Currently, ALL of Bright White Paper Company’s products are included under the CARES ACT through Title 1 Funding! 

As schools continue to re-open, having clear communication of COVID recommendations and school rules displayed on campus is essential. This goes hand in hand with transitioning back into more and more in-person special events. It is up to each school district to follow the most current recommendations and get that information to students, faculty, and caregivers. Our wide format machines get the information to those who need it, from a safe distance. Print, display, protect!


Is your school interested in making money back from purchasing the poster maker?

You can easily create a fundraising program! Help your students become entrepreneurs and learn a wealth of new skills for artistic creations, budgeting, sales, marketing, and time management.
Students can choose to sell prints they make with software such as Photoshop or produce high-quality canvas photos for sale. They can create yard signs for special events and sports programs. They can offer congratulatory banners for parent purchases or simply make the displays needed to provide information on other school-initiated fundraisers! Students will learn how to bring these new skills together while helping to raise funds that not only help to pay for the purchase of the poster maker but will continue to be a profit center down the road.