EPSON has new software to make printing FASTER & EASIER for The Education Pro Color Poster Maker!


EPSON has recently released a brand-new way to make using your Education Pro Color Poster Maker even EASIER!


We are super excited and think you will be too! Download the new Epson Print Automate software under ‘utilities’ to streamline printing your full-color posters & banners!

This is a wonderful new software tool to save you time in your busy day by reducing the number of steps needed to print your posters, etc.

Simply install the new update to your computer, follow short, simple steps, drag and drop your image to print and get a faster color poster/banner, etc. with less clicks! You can easily drop in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc. files! Thumbnails will appear for each file, and you can select the number of copies for each. You can even set customized ‘presets’.

It functions to produce multiple print jobs in one location, with less steps by saving the prints for later or to simply make one print, much quicker. Now you don’t have to go through the entire print set up process all over again when you want to simply print the same one again.

Watch this video to learn more.

Click the link for your specific size Education Pro Color Poster Maker to be redirected to EPSON download & install this wonderful new tool!

Link for 24 inch Education Pro

Link for 36 inch Education Pro

Link for 44 inch Education Pro

Happy printing!!

~Your friends at Bright White~