FREE printable presentation check for your color poster maker!




Here’s a fun idea!
Print this 24×48″ presentation check on your Education Pro Color Poster Maker, or other color poster maker machine.

You now have a fun way to ceremoniously present funds from the PTA, a fundraiser or ‘school bucks’/tokens.

Did you receive a wonderful donation or grant funds? Make it even more special by announcing it with this giant check! It doesn’t have to be monetary either- maybe lunch with the principal or a ‘no homework coupon’. What about using it as a teaching tool to demonstrate to students how to properly fill out a check? The ideas are endless! 

You can print it on standard paper & fill it in with a marker for a one-time-use, or if you would like to re-use it for another event, laminate it & use spray adhesive to attach to poster board or another rigid material. Once laminated, you may use a dry-erase marker to fill in the information each time it is presented.

We hope you find this BRIGHT IDEA as fun as we do!

Happy printing!