New “Low-Tech” Cold Laminators Help Forward-Thinking Schools Go Green

Palm City, Fla. (July 14, 2015) – As schools across the nation become more environmentally-conscious, they’re saying good-bye to their energy gobbling hot laminating machines in favor of newer “low-tech” cold laminators cranked by hand!

“When it comes to energy consumption, the benefit of cold laminating machines over hot ones is undisputable,” said Rick Kazdin, CEO of Bright White Paper Company in Palm City, Florida. “Not only are they ‘greener’ by using no electricity and producing less waste, but they’re also much simpler – and safer – to use.”

Traditional hot laminating machines require a warm-up period that can take from 10 to 30 minutes, explained Kazdin, who sells Xyron cold laminators to schools across the U.S. This warming up requires energy and produces heat in the surrounding areas that, in warmer months, must then be eliminated through additional air conditioning.

Because of the mandatory warm-up, many schools opt to leave the machines on all day, to be ready instantly, which means they’re constantly wasting power.

“There are also safety concerns because of the heat.” Kazdin continued, “Thus often only one person in the school is permitted to use the machine, and it needs to be kept safely away from children. There’s also a lot of laminate waste from hot machines that ends up in landfills.”

According to Kazdin, cold laminators do the same job as hot laminators but with none of the environmental impact. They work by employing pressure-sensitive adhesives to bind the lamination film.

“Since cold laminators are hand-cranked and require no electricity, they’re always instantly ready to use,” he explained. “Because they aren’t hot, there’s no worry about a staff member or student being burned. You use only the amount of laminate needed for the job, with nothing left over for the landfill, and the crank handle can be easily removed to restrict usage to authorized personnel.”

Another plus is that because the machine is mechanical, just gears, there are no breakdowns, no maintenance issues and thus no need to buy an extended warranty.

Cold lamination films are slightly more expensive than hot lamination films, noted Kazdin, but the energy savings and lack of waste more than balance out the cost difference.

“When it comes to lamination and going green, low-tech equals high-tech these days,” he said.

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