Unique Products Reduce Signage Costs for Food and Hospitality Businesses

Palm City, Fla. – Figuring out how to save money without giving something up can be a tough trade-off for food and hospitality establishments, but not when it comes to signage.

According to Bright White Paper Company, once you’ve purchased their unique, affordable magnetic-lined frames for windows, you can change and insert menus, hours, specials and other signs as often as you change shifts, all for just the cost of running a piece of paper through your printer. No expensive, time-consuming mounting required.

“The frames come with double-sided tape and will adhere to just about any surface including glass, metal or wood,” said Bright White’s CEO Rick Kazdin. “To place a sign in it, lift the hinged cover, insert the document and let the magnets effortlessly snap the cover back on. In less than ten seconds, you’re done. When that sign is no longer relevant, unseal the liner, slide out the original, and insert a new one.”

The magnetic lined frames come in seven sizes between 8½ x 11’ and 24” x 36”. The standard color is black, but custom colors are available.

“Buying the frames can be a real money-saver,” Kazdin explained. “In a very short period of time they pay for themselves by eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming mounting. And because they are fast to use, they save time, too.”

Easyboards also come in variations such as display boards that can be placed on easels or attached to walls.

The other money- and time-saver for restaurants is Bright White’s cold laminator, the Xyron 1255, which laminates sheets up to 12 inches wide.

“The cold laminator is hand-cranked. It requires no electricity, no warm-up and is always instantly ready to use,” Kazdin explained.  It’s a green tool that takes seconds to use versus several minutes for a hot laminator and, unlike hot laminators, you use only the amount of laminate the job requires – there’s no waste.”

Another plus, he added, is that because the machine is mechanical, just gears, there are no breakdowns and no maintenance issues. Click here to see a brief demo video.

“We are always on the lookout for great products that make the lives easier for people in the hospitality field, and we’re very pleased to have these available,” Kazdin said.

Click here for more information about magnetic lined frames and here for more about the cold laminator. For other hospitality-friendly products, log onto www.brightwhitepaper.com or contact Bright White Paper Company at:  800-321-5716.