Wells Fargo selects Bright White as a featured business on their Wells Fargo Works for Small Business website.

Link:  https://wellsfargoworks.com/run/video/bright-white-customer-video


Bright White Paper Co. Featured in Wells Fargo Works Small Business Online Video Series

 “Never Stop Innovating”



(May 24, 2016) Palm City, Fla. – Bright White Paper Co. is the subject of a just-released four-minute informational video produced by Wells Fargo. It debuted on May 16 on the international Wells Fargo Works website and is entitled: Never Stop Innovating. 

Bright White Paper Co. was one of only four or five customer videos to be filmed and showcased in 2016 by Wells Fargo for their specialized website focused on providing products, resources and guidance “for businesses everywhere to take the next step toward their goals.”

“Wells Fargo told us that they chose us because we represent a specialized company with a great story to tell,” said Rick Kazdin, co-owner with his wife Sharon. “We are extremely proud to have been chosen for this prestigious honor out of literally thousands of small businesses around the United States.”

“It was quite a production,” added Sharon. “Back in January they spent a half day in our office ‘scouting’ their shots, and a full day the following day doing the filming, using a team of eight. Wells Fargo executives flew in from San Francisco, the director and assistants came from Chicago and the videographers drove down from Orlando.  We had no idea how much work went into filming a video like this, but the results were spectacular.”

As part of the video the couple shared why they feel it is important to keep innovating and to listen to customers in order for a small business to thrive.

Rick noted:  “I think the biggest issue with people is that they have (good) ideas… for businesses, but they won’t try them. And I think that even by failing, it gives you the confidence that…at least you tried.”    

Added Sharon: “If your customers want a product tweaked, or if they want something changed, you have to listen to them. It might not always work, but you have to try it, listen to them, and take heed.”

The video can be found at the following link: https://wellsfargoworks.com.


About Bright White Paper Co.: Bright White Paper Co. offers “on-demand” products used in making and displaying signage designed to help businesses and organizations save both time and money by doing it themselves.