Trio of Signage Tools Makes Life Easier, Faster for Venue Managers


Palm City, Fla. – Venue managers know that being nimble is an inevitable part of their job description – changes can – and do – happen at a moment’s notice, and they need the best tools possible to deal with them on the spot.

The Bright White Paper Company understands those challenges and has three “on demand” products for last-minute happenings that no venue manager should be without.

The Easyboard

The Easyboard is a reusable, attractive sign-framing system which opens by peeling back the Velcro or magnetic lined cover. Insert and align the sign, close the cover and you’re done – your sign is held snugly in place, with a firm, stable backing. Did the location of the registration table change? No problem. Print a new sign, lift the Easyboard cover, slip out the old one, re-seal the cover and hang the Easyboard back up.

Sizes range from 8½”x11” to 36”x48”, with seven sizes in between. The Easyboards come both single- and double-sided.

Standard Easyboards have black framing, but there’s an option for colored framing and custom-made boards with the venue’s logo. There’s also Bright White’s new Easyboard magnetic-lined frame with one-sided adhesive for attaching to windows, perfect for places like box office windows.  It comes in seven sizes.

“Easyboards not only save time by being super-fast and very convenient, but they can save a venue significant money,” said Rick Kazdin, Bright White Paper Company’s CEO. “In a very short period of time they pay for themselves by eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming retail mounting.”

Click here to watch a 90-second Easyboard demonstration.

Portable  Poster Printer

When it comes to making signage fast, easy and affordable, venue managers turn to Bright White Paper Company’s on-demand poster printer. This portable printer makes posters up to 23” wide – and as long as you need – with a variety of available paper colors for a two-color effect.  Design the sign on a computer, print the original on a regular printer, then feed it into the machine and watch the sign/banner magic happen. The result is instantaneous, and the only consumable is the paper.

The “Cold” Laminator

And finally there’s Bright White Paper Company’s “cold” laminator. This “low-tech,” “green” machine uses no electricity, leaves no carbon footprint because it’s hand-powered, requires no warm up time and, with the crank of a handle, instantly laminates documents and signs that stay permanently laminated. Because it’s gear-driven, there’s no maintenance required (and no extended warranty needed).

“Bright White Paper Company prides itself on offering products that make life easier for people in high-stress, high-demand jobs like venue managers,” said Kazdin. “The Easyboard, portable poster printer and cold laminator comprise a trio of tools that do just that.”

For more information about these and other products from Bright White Paper Company go to www.brightwhitepaper.com or call 800-321-5716.